Can consolidate work that has been done by multiple vendors

We have a system that allows us to undertake all kinds of work in a single package, including electrical design, software and control design, control panel production, machine and airframe wiring, debugging and adjustment, start-up at the customer's site, maintenance, and so on.

Support for PLCs of various manufacturers, both domestic and foreign

In addition to Mitsubishi, OMRON, and KEYENCE, which have the largest market share in Japan, we also have experience controlling Fuji Electric, Yokokawa Electric, Yaskawa Electric, JTEKT, and SIEMENS, which has the largest market share in the world, so we can respond to a variety of requests.

A reliable partner for all your equipment needs

We can provide solutions and suggestions to our customers, even if it is just a small consultation about equipment problems or improvements such as tact improvement.

Our services

Electrical design

We provide electrical design for automated and labor-saving machinery, machine tools, and electrical equipment. We are capable of designing according to the electrical specifications of end users in various fields such as automobiles, semiconductors, and medical equipment.

PLC/Control system design

By making PLC programs into parts and standardizing, we can provide high-quality, quick delivery services even for complex PLC program designs with a large number of steps. We can support a wide range of domestic and overseas manufacturers.


Control panel production

We manufacture control panels for automatic and labor-saving machinery, machine tools, and electrical equipment. From large control panels with multiple surfaces to small control panels with only switches, lamps, and control relays without PLCs, we can provide services follow your specifications, cost, and delivery schedule.

Electric system wiring

We select cables, protect cables, and route cables in accordance with each field, such as automobiles, semiconductors, and medical equipment. We also consider how to restore the wiring after the equipment is shipped.

Establish equipment/Run trial

We take full responsibility for local establishment work, both in Japan and overseas. We are able to flexibly respond to changes in specifications during establishing equipment and run trial.

PLC replacement

We replace old PLCs that have been discontinued with the latest models. We can also replace a PLC with a different manufacturer.

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